Effective Logistic Management is an integral part of any construction business. If properly planned, it can prove to be an effective cost and time saving tool. It can greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the project.

We at AKN Resources understand the value of your time and money and offer you various logistic services as per your requirements:-

Construction Support Service
To help identify potential problems, provide effective solutions, evaluate technical and budgetary alternatives.
Delivery Management
To ensure smooth flow of the project by eliminating all hindrances and blocks.
Material Distribution
To ensure proper material handling, inventory control, planning and operations management.
To establish general safety norms and security measures with security personnel and cameras. This helps avoid any unwarranted situations.
    Waste Management
We monitor waste to ensure proper and environmentally safe waste disposal techniques so as not to create any clutter and at the same time keeping in mind its effect on health and environment.
  Traffic Management
To help uninterrupted flow of materials, staff and other resources to ensure smooth finishing of project
Site Establishment & Accommodation
We prepare a plan for establishing & setting up the site ahead of the early stages of construction. Providing portable.